First Birthday Gift Ideas

First Birthday Gift Ideas

Next month we will be celebrating our baby boy’s first birthday. What a wonderful celebration to look forward to, I have been brainstorming and pinning party ideas since he was six months old. As the day draws near I started thinking about gift ideas for a 1-year-old. 

I would love to share some of my tips when it comes to shopping for the perfect gift.

#1 A Beautiful Book 

I have a weakness for a beautifully illustrated children’s book and I have to admit that this is my go-to gift for any age. A beautiful book with a thoughtful handwritten message on the inside is my number one choice for birthdays, baby showers and anniversaries. 

#2 Wooden Building Blocks

When our daughter turned one she received a set of 100 wooden building blocks. It is such a timeless toy and can be enjoyed for many years to come. This is also a great gender-neutral gift and can be used by younger siblings in the future. Try finding one that comes in a good storage container, this really adds to the longevity of the toy. 

#3 An Experience 

I find that with a second child there are fewer toy options when it comes to buying gifts. There might be a lot of toys already and no need to add to the mountain. In that case, I recommend giving a gift card or voucher towards an experience. Motivating the family to make some memories together. Maybe you know a great photographer, you can gift the family a voucher for a family shoot or cake smash. 

#4 Portable Play Mat

This is such a practical gift. A portable play mat is usually a play mat in the shape of a circle that can be pulled up with a cleaver drawstring that has been inserted in the outer edge of the mat – ready to be packed up when kids are done playing. Moms will love it!

#5 Basic Beki Bag 

The Basic Beki Bag 1-2 years is such a great first Birthday gift. It includes 2 zipper bags filled with fun games and activities for a little one. The bag can grow with your kids as some of the activities they grow into and others just never get old. In the Basic bag you will find 2 zipper bags. The Games bag includes a toy car, tennis ball, bubbles, playdough, a lacing activity and soft rubber animals. The Stationary bag includes a colouring book, a picture book, a drawing journal, wax crayons, stickers, flashcards and a puzzle. 

I could go on forever on this topic, gifts are really one of my favourite things to shop for. And it is always very rewarding to give someone something that brings a smile to their face. Or in this case to their parent’s faces. 

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